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We took all the pictures you see on this site except for a couple of specialist ones, and virtually every one of the pictures you see on the sites we have built.

We do photography ourselves for advertising, editorial, illustration, documentary, events (including festivals, initiations, and weddings), private portraiture, and small catalogue work.

The examples on this page, on this site, and on other sites we point to demonstrate our range.

We are well equipped and have years of experience selling photographs around the world. We also know our limitations and know when we need specialist support (e.g. for underwater photography). We have the connections to get that support to assist us to complete our assignments on time and on budget.

You can see many more examples of our photographs by checking out the websites we have built -- just click on the site images -- and see the photo album at or

Whether it is the most mundane photograph of a toilet bowl or a dramatic picture of an achingly beautiful sene, we can get the picture for you.

If you are interested in a certain type of photography or have a photographic project in mind, call us on 7384 7177 to talk about how we can fulfill your needs. Or email and tell us something of what you have in mind.


P5 P8315584 Exchange of rings 230P5 P8315607 Cutting the cake

P5 P8315588 Hail the Couple 430

Rabaul wedding - at Kokopo Secondary School hall. Exchange of rings (above left), cutting the cake (above right), guests hail the newly married couple (above), and present them with gifts including "tambu" -- traditional shell money (below).

P5 P8315685 Received gifts 430


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