We will train you - workshops, seminars, conference sessions

We will train you and your people in everything we do: website content, advertising, writing, promotions, PR, photography, video -- plus media awareness.

Media aware people in your organization can make the media work for you.

They can identify opportunities and threats to your organization and operations and enable you to harness the enormous power of media.

Call us on 7384 7177 to talk about how we can help you train your people in media as:

  • Beginning and advanced writers -- writing for a purpose, writing to sell, print, radio, and TV news and PR writing
  • Smart users of media -- using the Internet, mainstream media, unusual media to inform or persuade
  • Aware media consumers  -- media analysis, "fact" vs opinion vs truth, persuasion, hidden agendas, what is not said, choice of information/news.


Tell us where and when you want the training and we will work with you to develop a framework tailored to your needs and the needs of your audience.

We will set up the training to fit a conference session, training days, a workshop -- whatever format you like -- and provide powerful materials for participants to take away with them as they put their training to use on the job.

Call us today on 7384 7177 or email right now for writing or media training.

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